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What is the concept of metal industrial keypad with IP65 waterproof grade

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  • Release time: 2019-11-04
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People may listened to the IP65 waterproof grade, but there are very few people who really know IP65. Today we will talk about what's "IP65" .

IP65 "IP" is the abbreviation of Ingress Protection. The IP grade is the degree of protection against foreign matter intrusion in the electrical equipment enclosure, such as: explosion-proof electrical appliances, waterproof and dustproof electrical appliances. The source is the International Electrotechnical Commission standard IEC 60529, which was also adopted in 2004. It is a US national standard.

The IP65 standard is not just a single waterproof grade, it also involves dust protection. In this standard, the IP grade is IPXX, where XX is two Arabic numerals, the first marking number indicates contact protection and foreign object protection level (dustproof), and the second marking number Indicates the level of waterproof protection.

The specific level of protection can be found in the description below. A higher number indicates a better level of protection.

Dust rating (represented by the first X)

Level 0: no protection

Level 1: Prevent large solid intrusion

Level 2: Prevents medium-sized solids from invading

Level 3: Prevents small solids from invading

Level 4: Prevents solids greater than 1mm from entering

Level 5: Prevent harmful dust accumulation

Level 6: Completely prevent dust from entering


Waterproof rating (second X)

Level 0: no protection

Level 1: Water drops dripping into the casing without effect

Level 2: Water or rain drops from the 15 degree angle to the outer casing without effect

Level 3: Water or rain drops from the 60 degree angle to the outer casing without effect

Level 4: no impact on any angle of water

Level 5: Low pressure injection at any angle has no effect

Level 6: High pressure jet water has no effect

Level 7: Resistant to water in a short period of time (15cm-1m, less than half an hour)

Level 8: soaking water for a long time under a certain pressure


Compared with the above description, it is obvious that IP65 is equal to IP6 (completely preventing dust from entering) 5 (no impact of low pressure injection at any angle)!


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