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Processing Workshop's Visual Angle

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  • Release time: 2019-12-07
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Reliable product quality is inseparable from the trimming, grinding, wiping and other flow operations in the processing workshop!

Our company is a professional factory that supports OEM, has its own R & D team, technical team, and independent laboratory to provide customers with various customized service.Providing users with the satisfying high-tech products has always been Xianglong’s pursuit by relying on the development of science and technology. Xianglong Communication has successfully developed a series of keypads and handsets products welcomed in the market by the introduction and absorption of foreign advanced technology. The products have been widely used in ATM, access control systems, elevators, safes, vending machines, Automatic machine check, security equipment, industrial PC CNC platform, instrument testing equipment, self-service payment machine, tanker, self-service terminal equipment, all kinds of telephone and industrial application equipment and many other fields.