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Japan will start selling duty-free goods in vending machines

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  • Author:Echo
  • Release time: 2019-12-04
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It's learned that the Japan government is ready to approve a plan to sell duty-free goods in vending machines to address Japan's labor shortage, vending machines generally can be installed in a wide range of places such as commercial facilities, airports, and stations with a large passenger flow.As more tourists visit Japan, more and more duty-free shops across Japan, currently envisioning the sale of cosmetics, cartoon products, watches, etc. on vending machines.

The government will require vending machines to be equipped with passport-reading devices and cameras designed to verify their identity. In addition, the condition is to be connected to the Internet, which can automatically send each customer's purchase records to the customs system.

Today, in our daily life, vending machines are also used in ubiquitous. Schools, hospitals, communities, streets, etc., people could  self-select the products they want to buy through the keypad installed on them,then pay via mobile internet.

Here we want to introdcut our reliable vending machine keypads:


1.Multiple materials available: Stainless steelZinc Alloy、 Plastic.

2.Double side PCB with golden finger, resistance to oxidation.

3.Signal:Regular 4x4 matrix signal、Serial signal etc.

4.Keys layout:Customized